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What is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a business technique or strategy through which number of products can be improved without any defect. Almost all industries like to follow this for a greater improvement of products. The technique follows that 99.99966% of the product should be free from any kind of defects. It means the chances of defect products should not cross more that 3 in 1 million. It can also be said that in one million the number of correct products should be 999997.

Our expert team of Six Sigma Homework Help members also explains in a perfect way. They explain in terms of DPMO means defect per million opportunities. 3.4 DPMO is the perfect one for the Industries for their production improvement. The most important requirement of this strategy is how making a good reputation by a large number of products without any defect. As the number of companies increases and thus the demand of study also get increased. DMAIC methodology is followed by the company that focuses on Define, Measure and Analyze along with Improve and Control. The Features are many and thus students need to go through the solutions in their best ways.

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