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What is Racket Programming language?

Racket was previously known as PLT Scheme. It is a programming language for multi-paradigm and general purpose in the family of Lisp-Scheme. It was designed for various goals. One of which is working a language creation platform, design as well as implementation. The language in this is used in various contexts like programming for general purpose, scripting, computer science research and education.

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Features of this Programming Language

Its core language consists of modules, macros, closures, lexical, tail calls, parameters, delimited continuations, OS threads and software contracts. This language also comes with certain primitives like custodians and event space that control management resources and enables language to perform like operating system as well as manage other programs.

Extensions of such language are also made with macro system of sufficient power. This together with custom parsers and module system can handle aspects of language. Unlike computer programming languages which lacks this macro systems. Most languages which are contrasted in Racket programming language are written using macros over base language. Know more about these from our Racket homework help.

Programming Environment

The platform of this language offers IDE which is self-hosted. It is named Dr Racket, a web server based on continuation, interface for graphical user and multiple other tools. Racket happens to be a reliable scripting tool and if required can be used as Unix shell for scripting. It is able to parse arguments for command line, external tools’ execution and also has libraries like any other scripting language.

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