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What is R++ programming language?

R++ is a programming language that conduits the gap between data driven programming and object oriented programming. This programming language has all the advantages of C++ language and along with it also has a programming construct called Rule that is relatively new. This rule is very similar to that of an “If then” statement.

However it sits away from procedural code and is activated immediately when it finds changes in the data that it monitors. Rules are responsible for monitoring object memory and react in case the “IF” clause that is there becomes true.

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Why do you use “Rules”?

Applications in most cases use Rules that help in maintaining integrity of models. This is done by implementing invariants and also by sensing constraint violations that are there in the model. There are certain applications that are used for monitoring the physical system and these rules can be used to react and also detect critical states.

There are also certain applications that are mostly reactive and they can be used to express various state transitions. There are certain applications that are applied in engineering guidelines and business policies and rules can be applied in these applications when required. Rules are also used as non-procedural exception mechanism that is used to handle and detect illegal states.

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Benefits of using R++ programming language

  • The biggest advantage of R++ is that programs become much robust and more clearer because there are a number of auxiliary tasks that can be expressed very easily making use of “Rules”. This also helps in uncluttering procedural logic and also reduces burden of certain obvious procedural control.
  • This programming language also lessens the distance between design and requirements in the form of constraints, variants, situation action directives as well as policies. All of these can easily be expressed in Rules.

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