Privacy Policy

All the details of the students are kept under vault and no one can access the same without any authority. All the students details like student’s name, address, college, credit card details, log in ID are kept secret and are shared only with the tutor or experts who has to complete the student’s work. This would help student in understanding the assignment easily as tutor or expert will explain the stuff online. Not only the details of student’s ID but also the credit card details and the payment details are kept under wrap. We make sure all the details are kept secret and so there is no option for any loop and holes and student’s identity is absolutely safe.

We maintain strict guidelines for the student’s identity and privacy policy where 24×7 homework are used and is copyright of and all the answers which are provided are by us are property of us and only single students has the right to use the same. If by any chance the same is shared with any third person then students would be liable for any strict actions which can either by heavy penalty. We provide solution which is meant for helping students in their assignment and in no ways we intend students to misguide them from their learning process. If students are misguided or are incapable in their assignment we have no liability of the outcome and process. Any solution provided by us is only for use of students and it is a unique solution so it should not be used for the marketing or any other monetary benefits either by students or by experts.