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What is the meaning of perceptual mapping?

Perceptual mapping can be defined as a diagrammatic technique used by marketers of products to diagrammatically represent the perceptions of the consumers or possible consumers. Ideally in these perceptual maps, position of the product, brand, product line or company is displayed with respect to its competitors. These can also serve the purpose of visually stating the market share or sales volume of the competitive products.

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What is the significance of Perceptual mapping?

Perceptual Mapping can help a business organization in the following ways:

  • It can help to understand what consumers think of the product marketed by them.
  • It also helps to figure out what consumers think of their rival products.
  • It helps to come up with ideas about new and potential products.
  • Using this, a company can go ahead and plan a better competitive strategy.
  • This information enables a company to develop a better marketing strategy on a whole.

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What makes a Perceptual Map perfect?

A perceptual map must be based on the right kind of info, which means, both the axes of the map must be representing such attributes which the consumers actually judge while making the purchase. The mapping must be largely grounded in reality and must not be hypothetical. The most reliable way to receive authentic info is to go for a survey where consumers are made to rate the attributes of a product.

Presentation of this attributes must be made in a clear and straightforward manner so that consumers know exactly what they are rating and therefore, provide the brand with genuine ideas about their likes and dislikes.

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