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What is Monopolistic Competition?
Monopolistic is the study comes under Economics that provides a complete knowledge of the market structure. It explains about the competition between the firms, where each firm is a monopoly producer  and can produce different kinds of the same item or only one product in the market which is the competitor for others. There are many such companies for example Cold Drinks or the taste of Colas of different companies are different but they are competitors. It means these close substitutes are the main products for competition, though these are not alike or identical.

Our team experts also explain in depth. They say some companies who produce the same kind of products, but only to grab the market after a certain period of time, enhance the quality of their product a little bit. Sometimes a change in look attracts customers and sometimes the addition of quality makes it more attractive. Our team experts also describe short run and long run Monopolistic Competition through a graph.

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