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What is Marketing Mix?
Marketing Mix is a great business tool that makes convenient to run a business in every aspect. The sense of every aspect focuses that product will surely get a positive reply, only if the strategy provides good services to the customers. Market Mix is also sometimes called 4Ps. But, what the 4Ps say? The 4Ps are Product, Place, Price and Promotion. It means if a new product is going to launch, then you should select the place where the chances of consuming will be the most. Along with that, its price should be fixed in such a way that your customers give you positive response and purchase as much as they want. And promotion should be perfectly done, otherwise your customers will be unable to get the product. Time is a main factor means when to launch in the market that a company can easily make chances of selling a large number of products.

Our experts on Marketing Mix Homework Help team explain that how this idea of E J Mac Karthy in 1960 is completely effective for a perfect business. But, it is also very much essential to know that any mistake from any side either from producer side or for the customer side can disaster the whole business. Hence, how to manage the business in an exact way is the main motto of this study.

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