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What are PCBs?
PCB stands for printed circuit board which supports mechanically and connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other compounds. PCBs are made out of copper and can have one copper layer, two copper layers or multi copper layer. Multi copper layer PCBs are considered much better compared to other PCBs.

It is basically a board which physically supports and wires the surface mounted and socketed components in most of the electronic devices.

What are its applications?
Printed Circuit Boards are used in almost all electronic compounds. At first when they were invented, they were mainly used for industrial applications. But today they are uses in almost all electronic devices such as cellphones, computers, televisions and many more. If you have an electronic gadget in your home, open it up, it will surely contain a Printed Circuit Board.

How is it made?
To create print circuit boards you need to start with a substrate and use a layer of copper over it. Then the copper layer is etched to remove the unnecessary copper. It only leaves the proper amount of copper that is required for the application. Then holes are drilled into it using laser or tungsten carbide drill. Then areas of the board where components will be placed are plated.

Then required texts are printed into the plate. After this process the boards are tested. Then these tested boards are used on electronic devices.

This concludes that manufacturing a PCB is somewhat easy but can be a bit tricky too. If you are creating a PCB for the first time then needless to say that PCB assignment help is all you need to complete your work.

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