Know the Most Unconventional Yet Important Inventions of Nanotechnology!

What will this world be without nanotechnology? It has become increasingly difficult to see the future without this brilliant piece of technology! It might as well become the next most powerful force in this planet since the emergence of World Wide Web. What can better manipulate matter at the very atomic and sub-atomic levels for creating jaw dropping breakthroughs in every sector like biology, chemistry and medicine; but nanotechnology?

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Most of us are aware about conventional usage of nanotechnologies in various fields. Here are some unconventional applications of nanotechnology.

  • Film making: World’s smallest movie!

Think of 1980s! Nanotechnology would have been considered as science friction then, without the invention of Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM). Researchers at a very popular institute have demonstrated potential of STM by creating a 90 second movie called “The boy and his atom”.

It depicts a boy made up of carbon monoxide molecules on a copper surface playing with a ball. It consists of 202 frames and a special technique was used by researchers which is a part of STM: an electrically charged stylus which senses exact positions of Carbon molecules on the copper surface.

They created such amazing piece of animation which leaves us craving for more!
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  • In Oil Recovery

Have you been aware of this fact that global oil exploration has risen exponentially in the last decade? Still, efficient oil recovery remains a big issue. When petroleum, companies shut down their oil wells, only half the amount of oil is successfully extracted. The rest stays trapped in the rocks due to limitations in the current drilling technology.

Lately researches have decided to mix nano-particles with water to force oil out of the rocky pores. This idea has proven to be a successful in recovering the rest of black gold from reservoirs which otherwise seemed next to impossible.

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  • Extraordinary high resolution displays!

An obvious limitation with conventional displays is, more the amount of pixels for better resolution, larger is the size of screens. Scientists have thought of a novel idea to reduce the usual colossal screens of televisions or computers.

They have invented a way to create pixels which are just about a few hundred nanometers across! This includes the usage of a phase change material called GST. This has improved quality and reduced size and energy consumption.

  • Nanotechnology at its best, isn’t it?

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  • Advanced Drug Delivery!

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Diseases like cancer, AIDS sends a cold wave across the spines of majority of people. Treatment of those diseases is not only expensive, but also limited. A revolutionary company has thought of a technique which can be a probable cure. If a genetically altered cells of a patients are introduced into that patient with novel information that would allow them to make their own medicine in the patient’s body itself!

These can be delivered by nano-sized capsule into patient’s body. Though this technique has not reached clinical trials on humans, it holds a promising future as mice have been successfully treated by this unique technique!

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