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What is electric power distribution?
Electricity distribution is the delivery/ supply of electrical power to end users like people at home or a business. During the liberation of electric power, electricity distribution is the final stage after which the end users can start using it. Distribution is done with the help of a system network. The network carries the electricity from the transmission system and takes it to the users. Generally a network would consist of power line (medium-voltage), transformers (mounted on a pole) and also substations, distribution cables (low voltage) and sometimes electricity meters.

Modern systems
The modern day distribution starts with the primary circuit in the electric sub-station and ends when the service enters into the meter plug installed at the customer’s location. Different electric suppliers will use different methods and equipment for the duration of the process but the end result is always the same. Electrical services can be supplied directly from the transformer owned by the utility/ supplying company or with the help of service laterals. In many parts of world single phase supply of electric power (220 V or 230 V) are still used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Configurations of Distribution networks
Distribution network is defined as the arrangement distribution of electric power to both residential people as well as commercial/ industrial supplies. Distribution networks are of two kinds-the radial and the interconnected.

In case of the radial network, it goes from the electric station and passes through the area of the network area without any normal connection to any supply. Such networks can be seen in rural, countryside areas. On the other hand, an interconnected network is generally found in urban metropolitan areas and has numerous connections with extra supply points.

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