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Solve the Riddles of Geometry by Grasping Different Concepts

Geometry- an interesting part of math makes sure that students easily understand the concept of geometry. Geometry homework help is supported with different diagrams and theorems that are well explained and this can only be done through creating a visual impact in the mind of students.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with different sizes, shapes, figures and structures. It is known to be an interesting branch of math. There are different concepts involved such as:

  • Angles.
  • Cone.
  • Cyclone.
  • Equations.
  • Curves.
  • Triangles.

Different undefined terms in geometry

An “undefined term� is known to be term that does not require any further explanation. It is found in its most basic terms. Geometry usually identifies three undefined terms such as:

1.    Point:

In case of geometry, a point does not come with any dimension. A point is usually represented with a dot and so there is no length, thickness and width measured. In coordinate plane, a point is usually named as ordered pair (x, y).

2.    Line:

A line similarly as point does not come with any thickness, but it certainly has length that may extend in one dimension and can surely stretch to both directions.

3.    Plane:

A plane comes with no thickness, but can extend in all directions infinitely. Planes are represented by shape that may appear like tabletop or parallelogram.

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Triangle- an important concept

A triangle is known to be a polygon which contains three sides. Each and every triangle would come up with three altitudes, medians and angle bisectors. In case of altitude it is defined to be a side that is drawn from vertex to a point where the line contains the opposite side of segment. This would intersect to form a right angle.

A median to side is known to be a congruent that is drawn from vertex to midpoint of opposite side.

Triangles are classified depending on the number of congruent sides and also their angles. Equilateral, scalene and isosceles triangles can be easily classified depending on congruent sides. Triangles that are classified depending on angles are:

  • Right angle triangle.
  • Acute angle.
  • Obtuse angle.

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Geometry assignments and solutions

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