Four Useful Real Life Examples Which Explains Momentum Easily!

Every aspect of physics is a part of day to day application. It is encrypted in such a brilliant manner that we often fail to recognize them! This is the essence of physics.

Momentum is a part of daily life!

Yes, momentum has numerous real life applications. Unlike many other terms of physics the common meaning of momentum relatively consistent with its scientific meaning.

If looked into the formula, momentum is equal to product of velocity and mass. Thus, more the value of this product more will be the momentum. Momentum depends on mass and speed of a moving object.

So every moving object, be it car or airplane or a kid running around has an inherent momentum. Momentum Transfer Assignment Help is of a great help one can bank on for finishing assignments.

Given below are few day to day real life applications of momentum for clearing your concept.

  • Love Billiard?

The game of pool provides us with an awesome example of collision and transfer of momentum. In this sport, the cue ball is moving and the other known as object ball is stationary. You hit the cue ball while rolls and hits the object ball. What happens next? The cue ball slows down or stops and the object ball start moving towards the target.

It is because of the hardness and non-sticky nature of these pool balls which shows us an almost perfect example of elastic collision, in which kinetic energy is conserved. Momentum Transfer Homework Help shall help to understand more such examples.

  • Cars and their crumple zones!

What happens when two automobiles collide resulting in a highly elastic automobile crash? You can find this answer if you refer to the assignments done with the help of Momentum Transfer Assignment Help.

What happens is, they bounce or rebound off from each other. This implies a drastic change in direction, a sudden change in velocity and hence a rapid change in momentum. The chance of an inelastic car crash is next to impossible.

It is better for cars to crumple during a crash than rebounding and changing directions from the incident, as crumpling would elongate the time reducing the impulse. This is the reason why a car has been designed to contain inbuilt crumple zones for safety of the passengers in it.

  • Reduce momentum: Stay alive.

An airbag is another way to transfer momentum. The airbag rapidly inflates, comes forward in case of car accident for the safety of passengers. It deflates as rapidly as it inflates so that it can slow down the impact of the momentum while passenger’s body is being hurled against the dash board. This elongated the amount of time of force distribution. Learn more with Momentum Transfer Homework Help.

Similarly, if a sky diver or a paratrooper hits the ground with legs outstretched, she or he would suffer from a foolish stunt. An experienced parachutist keeps his knees bend while he prepares to land, and rolls to the side once he landed so as to lengthen the time frame of the expecting impact which reduces its effects.

  • Are you a boxer?

Decreasing this force or effect of collision by increasing time is followed by fans of boxing. If a boxer anticipates a blow to his neck, he relaxes his neck and lets his head to turn backwards upon the hit. This is called, “riding the punch”. Now this is for diminishing impact over time. If this is not physics in action, what is?

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