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About Corporate Positioning

Corporate Positing is a discreet marketing strategy that aims at creating a distinct position, for a brand or a particular product, in the mind of the consumer with respect to its competitor brands. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • By highlighting its distinguishing features, like why is it different from other similar products or what are its unique, exceptional, desirable features,
  • By creating a suitable image for the product in the consumer’s mind and thereby triggering conspicuous consumption, like by presenting it as a posh, elite, luxurious product through advertisement, or
  • By doing the exact opposite, that is by creating such an image which would present the product as an inexpensive, easily affordable and highly utilitarian one.

Corporate positioning plays a crucial role in determining a corporate standing in the market and it must be done with utmost caution because once a positioning is established for a brand, it is very difficult to reposition the brand.

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Steps involved in Corporate Positioning

Corporate Positioning is done in a step by step method and it includes these following stages:

  • Identifying the brand’s biggest competitors.
  • Figuring out how the rival companies are positioning their respective products in the present times.
  • Figuring out the brand’s own market position at the present time.
  • Comparing between the company’s own and its rival companies’ positioning so as to figure out the point of differences.
  • Working on a unique, differentiated positioning strategy that would serve to enhance the value of the brand.
  • Finally, a positioning statement must be developed which communicated the distinct features of the brand and also highlights why consumers would gain by dealing in their products.

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