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Computer science is a practical subject with a scientific approach to computation and its application. PC solutions, improvisation of semi-conductor devices by manufacturers, PC expenditures, creation of corporate advantages and consumer demands impact the growth of new age PC methods and applications. Precision Computer Methods are replaced every three to five years by semiconductor device manufacturers. They are constantly evolving new solutions, technological breakthroughs and applications for consumers. The new age PCs cannot be compared to the PCs that evolved few years ago as change is the only constant thing and it continuously molts itself to something new and more interesting.

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Rise in Consumer Demands

According to the Moore’s Law it is observed that over the ages of computer hardware, a number of semi conducting devices like the transistors and monolithic integrated circuits doubles or replaces every two years.

The losing PC expenses also impacts the rise and demand of new PCs and boosts PC sales as more and more people buy new PCs. This in return again drives large shares into the hands of foreign PC manufacturers and lowering their production cost. Thus, the lowering of the cost of production impacts the overall production of it. As there is surplus in production there is a fall in the demand of PCs. So, the US government sometimes lowers the cost of the PCs relatively in the market to increase the demand of such goods.

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New Breakthroughs and Innovations

Companies like Google and is making breakthrough innovations in computing. They are building new technologies like virtualization which builds a virtual form of something like for example a computer system having Microsoft Windows operating system may host a virtual machine that would look like that of Ubuntu Linux operating system.

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