Cancellation and Refund Policy

At, we provide our clients with custom written assignments in order to make writing, research and rewriting processes easier. Customers can get reference to suitable sources from us, and it is only for the purpose of assistance. We have a proper cancellation and refund policy that takes care of the interests of all our clients. With our assignment help services, you get a fair deal in all respects.

Cancellation Policy

We are always eager to satisfy the interest of our clients. Although cancellation is the last thing we would want, it can sometimes become inevitable due to unavoidable circumstances. There can be various reasons to do:

  • Some members of our writing team getting stuck in a few important projects.
  • Expert writers being unavailable for the time being.
  • Clients not wanting to go ahead with the project any more.

Irrespective of the circumstance, we always have a proper cancellation policy in place that can help get rid of confusions between our clients and our company. Naturally, it is essential that you as a client place your order only after reading our cancellation policy.

A few of the commonest scenarios include the following:

If our writers are unable to spare time

If we get an order but find it unable to execute the project due to unanticipated circumstance, we can choose to have the order cancelled. In specific cases however, we are ready to take complete responsibility and pay full compensation. Other than this, we also try to ensure that the cancellation is carried out in the first 3 days of placing the order. This is done to help the client get enough opportunity and time to find some other homework help service and get the project completed.

If the order is cancelled by the client

In case a client chooses to cancel an order, we try to find out whether there is an authentic reason behind the cancellation. Our main aim is to determine whether the client is doing so out of dissatisfaction, as 100% client satisfaction is always our intention. Our customer service staffs deal with such cases and given that the cancellation happens from the end of our client, he or she needs to offer a valid reason in order get possibly refunded. Our customer service team determines the percentage of work that has been completed, based on which a decision to award a compensation is taken.

If terms & conditions are violated by the client has proper terms and conditions set in place, which ensures a peaceful and favorable completion of assignments. When we get an order along with full payment, we expect our clients to follow these terms and conditions. If they fail to honor the terms, we have the discretion to cancel the order from our end. In such cases, clients are not given any compensation. Keep in mind that in these circumstances, clients are not in a position to request for refunds.

Refund Policy

At, we are serious about plagiarism issues. Clients can get original, well-written papers customized for their project requirements. In case we find a plagiarized essay delivered from any of our experts, we grant clients a full refund. We offer a 20% cancellation fee in case we get a request for cancellation from any client within 12 hours of an order confirmation. If we get the request after this period, but within 24 hours of order confirmation, we offer a 50% cancellation fee. If we cancel the order after 24 hours, we offer 75% cancellation fee. If we have to cancel an order after 48 hours, we do not offer any refund. Refunds are processed fast, and within the shortest time frames to assist our clients.

  • Other than this, technical homework projects which need the assistance of specialist researchers, assignments that need over 4 pages of reading, assignments consisting of specific reading or assignments including analysis or data need to be ordered by clients after sending us an email or getting a proper quote for the task.
  • We levy at least 20% cancellation fee in case a project is ordered through our website without asking for any advice from our customer support staffs. This is particularly true when the project topic is technical in nature or associated to Science, Finance, English Literature, Computer Science, Statistics, Nursing or Law among other subjects. It is also applicable when the assignment includes making diagrams, charts or graphs, doing calculations or specific reading.
  • Discounts cannot be applied on the subjects aforementioned. On the basis of the requirements, they may require separate price quoting. Also, no modifications or revisions are done under Pass standard or 2:2 as these happen to be the most economical and basic options. In case a client goes for pass standard or 2:2 levels, we do not entertain any requests for revision.