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Get into the Depth of Mathematics for Clarity

Definition and nature of Mathematics

Mathematics involves the study of space, quantity, change and structure. Mathematicians are more concerned about patterns and formulate new conjectures. Mathematic is a science that would also develop truth through deduction from chosen definitions and axioms. The nature of mathematics involved:

  • High cognitive powers of man.
  • Mathematics is known to be a science which includes inductive and deductive reasoning.
  • Math is a subject that allows drawing conclusion and enables in interpreting different ideas.

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Inductive and deductive reasoning

Mathematics is based on science and it has its tool such as construction, logical reasoning, intuition and analysis. In order to fulfill specific needs of human, Mathematic has been evolved as a subject. It comes with its own symbol, terms and signs. When discussing about inductive reasoning, it means that a particular property is real in sufficient number of cases.

Deductive reasoning is based on undefined terms, axioms, definitions and postulates. Mathematics can actually be used in two different senses:

1.    The method used to identify truth.
2.    The truth that has been discovered.

Two different types of Math

Math is distinguished among two types:

1.    Pure Mathematics.
2.    Applied Mathematics.

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Pure Mathematics only deals with the principles and theories without any regard to application to any concrete things.

Applied Mathematic is a practical side of the pure math.

Branches of Mathematics

Mathematic can be divided into different fields, such as:

  • Algebra:

This subject would introduce you with mathematical operations like expansions, factorization etc. you can also study about addition, simplification, linear equations etc.

  • Trigonometry:

It is a study that includes angles and these angles are associated with defined ratios.

  • Geometry:

You can also find answers to math problems related to geometry as this study includes the study of graphing that comes with horizontal and vertical axis.

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